Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp FishFinder Review

Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp FishFinder Reviews
Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp FishFinder Reviews

Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp FishFinder Reviews

Lowrance Mark-4 CHIRP is a great choice for everyday anglers who are looking to gain an upper hand on gamefish without spending a lot of money. The new Mark 4 is an inexpensive addition to any angler’s toolbox. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some excellent fish finding features. In fact, it has all the typical bells and whistles associated with Lowrance’s well-established product line.

Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp FishFinder Features

• High-resolution 4.3 inch/109.22mm grey-toned or colored Light-Emitting Diode (LED) display.
• Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna and sonar.
• Highly-accurate, Lowrance-exclusive DownScan Imaging option.
• DownScan Overlay solution overlaps DownScan Imaging with the unit’s sonar images, simplifying how anglers identify gamefish from surrounding structures, vegetation and contours.
• Customized mapping service via the Insight Genesis website allows users to share a vast database of fishing destinations.
• Access to contour mapping of over 3000 lakes and coastal waterways throughout the United States.
• Support for Navionics package includes cartography and high-definition mapping of the Great Lakes and other large bodies of water in Canada, Alaska and the Bahamas.
• TrackBack function allows anglers to review sonar history, while also designating fishing hotspots and waypoints.
• Multi-window display with multiple options and capabilities.
• Optional page layouts with access to multiple panel images.
• Lowrance-exclusive Advance Signal Processing (ASP) feature eliminates manual adjustments and time-consuming changes in settings.
• Options include an 83/200 kHz Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) transducer operating up to 1000 feet, or a 50/200 kHz HDI transducer operating up to 3000 feet.

Why Lowrance Mark 4 Chirp FishFinder ?

The new Mark-4 CHIRP doesn’t disappoint. This latest solution comes with a vivid greyscale 4.3 inch/109.2mm LED display. The 11-level LED-backlit display, coupled with its sonar and DownScan Imaging™ solution, means the Mark-4 CHIRP allows anglers to clearly distinguish between bait and game fish, rock structures and vegetation, while also providing sports fishermen with a brilliant, unencumbered view of the water below.

The exclusive Advance Signal Processing (ASP) feature eliminates the often time-consuming task of manually adjusting settings. Instead of wasting time fixing configuration, anglers are able to immediately distinguish between fish-holding structures, rock formations and ridges. If the goal is to get out onto the water and fish immediately, then the Mark-4 CHIRP is a cost-effective solution for maximizing fishing time without breaking the bank.

Anglers can identify, track and review previously visited fishing hotspots. All they need to do is use the TrackBack function and a complete sonar history is displayed. They can then pinpoint those all-important locations and/or create a waypoint in order to track routes from their main fishing hole.

The preloaded cartography includes maps and contours of over 3000 lakes and rivers. Complimenting this feature is Insight Genesis software that allows fishermen to create customized high-resolution bottom contour maps based on sonar recordings. These maps can be stored for future reference or shared among a community of online users.

The Mark-4 CHIRP’s multifunctional display allows users to combine both the down imaging with the unit’s Broadband Sounder. The resulting overlay provides a clear display that allows users to easily distinguish their prey from surrounding rock structures, ridges and vegetation. You can get a great deal on Lowrance Mark 4 CHIRP here.

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